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Once the design process is complete and all of the proper permits have been obtained, we are ready to start construction. The preliminary stages of construction include grading, footings, foundations, and framing. The slideshow below shows an example of how this process went on a previous custom home. Once you have completed this slideshow, please click the on the links to the left to continue your tour through our building process.
  • Grading Begins!
    Grading Begins!
  • Footings Poured
    Footings Poured
  • Laying Foundations
    Laying Foundations
  • Wall Framing Begins
    Wall Framing Begins
  • More Wall Framing
    More Wall Framing
  • Roof Framing Begins
    Roof Framing Begins
  • Roof Framing Continues
    Roof Framing Continues
  • Wall Sheathing Installed
    Wall Sheathing Installed
  • Almost dried in
    Almost dried in
  • In the Dry
    In the Dry
Grading Begins!
Grading Begins!